The Multidimensional Noah Houlihan of +2 Comedy



Not too long ago I got the chance to interview Noah Houlihan of +2 Comedy. The interview took place at Uncanny King of Prussia during the Real Women of Gaming‘s day-long anti-bullying event,“You’re Not Alone”. Noah kindly volunteered his time to perform a set of stand-up comedy that touched on everything from his ideal Pokemon team to bullying football fanatics. I was extremely impressed with the effort he put into his stand-up; his set was great and throughly entertaining. Before Noah started his set he sat down with me for an interview.

A little bit about + 2 Comedy’s Stand-Up from their website:

“Nerdy stand-up, with a Q&A afterwards to answer your most burning questions and settle your least amicable debates. Would Samus beat Lara Croft in a fight? Goku or Superman? Green Lanterns: Who Wore it Best? Team Gale or Team Peeta? How did Vegas beat Noah in all those competitions, anyway? The sky’s the limit- the bad boys of nerd comedy will tackle any query your heart desires.”

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