Insta-Con: A Convergence of Geek Culture

Kennett Square’s Convention


On July 25th, Kennett Public Library held their second annual comic book/pop culture convention. Insta-Con was an incredible display of community collaboration that drew a large and diverse crowd. For the second year in a row Insta-Con was 100% planned and run by a committee of local middle and high school students with a passion for geek culture.

group photo

There was a definite sense of excitement at Insta-Con; all of the panelists seemed extremely happy to be at the event and spent many hours engaging with the Insta-Con attendees. The event brought in industry professionals like comic book writer Greg Pak and artist Brooke Allen.

Greg Pak currently writes “Action Comics” and “Batman/Superman” for DC, and also works on creator owned property like “Code Monkey Save World“. Greg was also kind enough to indulge two local radio hosts that seemed determined to pick his brain. The community was represented by local  comic book creators, Sean Dillon and Steven Petrivelli, who were accepting pre-orders for their new book, “Sweetie”. People that pre-ordered the book at Insta-Con will be drawn into the second issue of the comic!

CKyOrMAWwAAgXpzThe event concluded with a robot battle akin to “BattleBots”. The robots were created at the KPL Teens MakerCamp with junk parts and arduino help from Chatham Financial. The robot battle wasn’t the only tech aspect of the event. Attendees spent much of the day watching and learning about the library’s 3D Printer.

Although the event was organized and put together by the kids, it can’t be argued that the passion of Ivy Noelle was an invaluable asset to the convention’s success. Ivy works full time at the library, serves as a co-administrator for The Valkyries, an online group for women who work in comics, and also writes for For future events like Insta-Con, check out KPL Teen’s facebook group.

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