Can We? And Is It? Theories of Invisible Terrestrial Entities

Can We? And Is It?

By Jeff Lilienthal


Part I

Intro to dark matter

We have the technology to see further than our known reality.  Our telescopes can see the first stars forming. Our telescopes can see further than that, but before there were stars there was no light, so we can’t see the stuff that is there.  We will be able to see the stuff in the future when we develop new technology.  What will we see?  Gas?  Dust?  Dark matter?

Before infrared light was discovered in 1800 by Sir Frederick William Herschel, very few people even thought that other forms of light could possibly exist.  Then infrared and ultraviolet were discovered.  Eventually more were discovered – x-rays, microwaves, radio waves.  Until ultrasound and infrasound was discovered, most people felt the same way about sound.  Most people believed that the only forms of sound and light were what they could see or hear with their own senses.  With the development of more technology came the discovery of more sound and light that humans could not see and hear on their own.

Most scientists agree that dark matter and dark energy make up about 90 – 95% of our universe.  For the purposes of this article, I will be using 95%.  Dark matter and dark energy are called dark because we cannot see or detect it right now with the technology that we have.  We only know that it’s there because of its affect on other things in our universe that we can detect.   There are many scientists who are now trying to discover what dark matter and energy are made of.

NASA has released photos of galaxies with halos of dark matter around them.  Since dark matter is affected by gravity, it is probably also attracted to smaller bodies such as stars, planets, and people.

It would be very Earth-centric of us to believe that there could be no life in the 95% of the universe that hasn’t been discovered yet.  

If dark matter life exists, it may exist all around us and we will finally be able to see it when the technology is developed to detect dark matter. 

Part II

What if?/Religion/Out of Body/Telepathy

Most religions believe that there is something more than the material world that we see and experience all around us.  There are many different words to describe the same basic concept.  For example spirit, soul, essence, life force, breath of life, and many more. Most religions believe that this thing that makes us who we are exists along with our physical bodies as long as this physical body lives and then continues on without our physical body when the physical body dies. 

Many religions are started because people have glimpsed alternate realities and try to interpret them using human terms.  Human explanations of nonhuman occurrences often lead to misinterpretations.  

Other things that are often misinterpreted are technologies that appear to be beyond what is possible for the time.

Paranormal experiences can also lead to misinterpretations.  The well documented case of Fatima was witnessed by thousands of people and there have been many different explanations/interpretations of the exact same event.  People understand things based on their own experiences and knowledge.  

Some ideas that are related to religion are:  collective consciousness, out of body experiences, chakra alignment, near death experiences, telepathy, dreaming, twin connection, auras, and more.

There are different types of matter.  We have a whole periodic table filled with different types of matter.  It would once again be very self-centered and Earth-centric to believe that there is only one type of dark matter.  There are many types of dark matter particles.   Some can interact with our visible universe and can be measured by observing the speed at which galaxies are moving.  Pictures have been taken that show halos of gas surrounding galaxies.  This gas should have dissipated into space, but dark matter is keeping the gas around these galaxies.   

Particles of dark matter can combine in different ways just as particles on the periodic table can combine.  They can combine in so many different ways, that mathematically, life probably exists.  Lots of life.  Lots of different kinds of life.  Just like in our visible universe.

Part III

The Crazy Talk/Evolution/Premonitions

The faster you move, the slower time moves for you.  As you move closer to the speed of light, the slower time moves for you, to an outside observer.  To the person who is moving, they experience normal time.

If we were to witness an object traveling faster than the speed of light it would appear to us to be going backwards in time.  According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, nothing with mass can accelerate faster than 186,000 mi/sec (the speed of light in a vacuum).  It’s possible that dark matter has no mass as our laws of physics define it.  It is also possible that dark matter does not need to be accelerated (it may be traveling faster than light when formed).  

If dark matter is traveling faster than light, then it would appear to us to be traveling backwards in time.  

Just as we are trying to figure out how to go faster than light, it is possible that life forms in the dark matter universe have been trying to figure out how to go slower than light.  If the dark matter beings could figure out slower than light travel, then they may be able to interact with our visible universe. 

If they needed to use some type of craft, then it may appear to be a UFO.  If they did not need any type of device, then they could just appear as themselves.  Perhaps different species of dark matter beings use different methods of travel.  Maybe just as we continue to evolve our technical capabilities, so do they.  Imagine millions (at least) of different types of beings in multiple realities at many different stages of technology and mental development.

The most convincing argument against time travel is the remarkable scarcity of time travelers.”  Arthur C Clarke Profiles of the future.  This argument is ok, unless of course we can’t see them because they are made of dark matter.  

The visible universe is made of (in order of abundance) Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, and Nitrogen.  There is more stuff, but those are the main ingredients.  Our visible bodies are made of (in order of abundance) hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen (helium is inert and does not interact? with us. We are made of the same stuff as the universe.  If the universe is 95% dark matter and dark energy, than maybe, so are our bodies.

The dark matter that is part of our bodies is not solidly attached.  Dark matter particles are coming and going all the time (death, near death experiences, out of body experiences, telepathy, people growing old together and looking more and more alike, and creating a horcrux – just seeing if you were still paying attention).  

People who spend their lives together start to resemble each other as they get older.  This is because our dark matter bodies are not completely permanently attached to our visible bodies.  Throughout our lives we may gain or lose dark matter particles.  If we are near someone, then we may gain some of theirs or give them some of ours.  If we do this enough, then the information in the dark matter particles starts to give our visible bodies information about how to regenerate and when we are replacing cells (like skin cells), then they may be getting information from both our own dark matter bodies, plus some information from some of the particles from our long-time companions. Same goes for pets. 

Ancient religions (sumerian, egyptian, Judaism, Hindu, Hopi, and many more, all have gods and or angels appearing either from the sky or out of nowhere and then leaving.  These beings looked different from humans and had powers and technology beyond what humans could comprehend and therefore created religions based on them.  These beings still visit our reality today, but people think of them differently.  Now, people think of them as aliens, ghosts, and other paranormal type things.

Occasionally, we start thinking of a song we haven’t heard in years.  Then within minutes, that song comes on the radio.  We always are surprised and amazed and we even point out this occurrence to the people around us.  This happens because some dark matter travels backwards in time and can carry information.  Those particles then interact with us and we then experience a sense of déjà vu / amazement when our visible selves hear that song.

Dark matter and dark energy “particles” (for lack of a better word) are attracted to bodies.  Those particles appear to be attracted by mass, but may also be attracted by energy (electrical, bioelectrical, brainwaves, radiation, light, sound).  

Starting at conception, unborn babies share their mother’s dark matter.  When babies are born, they take 3 -5% of the mother’s dark matter with them.  This might be a cause of post-partum depression.  People collect and lose dark matter in their bodies as they get older.  This dark matter body is held together by the physical body but can move if properly trained (out of body experiences).  When the body dies, most of the dark matter body is released.  The dark matter particles are then free to move about.  

There are many humans with many different types of personalities.  The dark matter bodies that are “born” from the deaths of humans take some of their human personalities with them.  If there is an evil human, the dark matter body that that person releases may continue with those evil ways.  If there is a benevolent human, then that person’s dark matter body may continue to “do good” when it is released.  This leads to demons, angels, ghosts and other paranormal type entities.

Humans have the ability to alter the universe around them.  They have this ability not only to do this physically, but by using their dark matter bodies to go out and do the work.  Most of us don’t realize we have this ability, and so we seem very surprised when it happens.  

When we finally discover dark matter, we will be able to see our souls within us.  We will discover all of these truths about ourselves and the universe around us.  We will learn how to use and control our dark matter bodies to do all of these things described here (traveling through space and time, telepathy, etc.).

Our dark matter bodies are in constant communication with our visible bodies.  Some people are more in tune with this communication than others.  Sometimes we do not understand what our dark matter bodies are trying to tell us.  It can be confusing.  For some people it can be terrifying.  It can drive someone crazy.  Some people can’t tell the difference between their “inner” voice and what some people might call “hearing voices”.  Some people might even talk to those voices that they hear.  Some people need to live in institutions others get sent there against their will.  Insanity is rarely understood.   Insanity has been treated differently throughout history.   Summerians, egyptians, romans, etc, research different cultures through history.  Drilling, execution, imprisonment.

Humans use “lower” life forms to their advantage.  Humans ride animals for transportation, eat animals for food, experiment on them for scientific/medical purposes.  It may be possible that dark matter life forms are using us to create souls that are then released or “born”.  These human spirits have a consciousness that other life forms cannot give to their dark matter spirits.  It is our brain that educates and gives intelligence to these dark matter beings.  It is possible that evolution towards higher intelligence beings has been helped along by these dark matter beings.  Maybe they helped life evolve.  Maybe human evolution was helped in order to create more and more intelligent life so that our spirits (their bodies) evolve into higher beings themselves.  If we could guide our own evolution using “lower” life forms, we would – and have.

Some theologists use the argument that evolution must be guided as it shows intent, and that is proof of God.  It may be that if evolution is guided, or if there is intent, maybe it is our dark matter bodies that have been in the future and know which genes must be switched on.

If our bodies release our spirits and our spirits are their bodies, then it may be possible that in order for them to reproduce, they may need us.  Maybe in order to have children of their own, they take some of their own matter and put it into our babies.  They would then have a vested interest in that child’s life and may even follow it around.  They might even try to help that child/person in times of dire need.  Many people believe in guardian angels.  Many people have imaginary friends. Many people experience voices or a presence. Most people in modern society have been conditioned to tune those experiences out.

Some people have a natural born talent, a gift, a God given gift, an ability to do something that seems impossible that they have learned it, or that it seems impossible that they could do so well at it.

Jumps in technology or ideas could be glimpses into the future by our dark matter bodies traveling from the future into the past.  Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Edison, Nostradamus, and others may just be interpreting dark matter carried information (visions). Occasionally there are brilliant minds who think of things that are so far ahead of their time that some people even consider them borderline crazy (einstein, galileo, newton, etc.).  Perhaps these individuals have glimpsed the future and are trying to recreate parts of it.

There are some fears that are “primal”.  How are these passed on to others.  Is it genetic, instinctual or are these warnings that our dark matter bodies are using as warnings. Dark matter might carry information from person to person and through time.

Occasionally, beings from the dark matter universe do find a way to come to ours.  They may be hailed as Gods, fairies, aliens, or any number of such things.  Sometimes they bring things with them (tools, transportation devices, etc.).  Sometimes these items are so far advanced from the technology that we have that these items seem magical or otherworldly (tridents, staffs, ufos, chariots of fire, arks, etc.).  Sometimes humans are taught how to use these items and sometimes this knowledge is passed down by way of stories, folklore, myths, religions, etc.

Structures that are beyond the available technology/knowledge (Puma Punku, stonehenge, the pyramids, the sphinx, gobegli tepe) are all in existence because technology/knowledge from the dark matter universe was used.  

When did dark matter first form?   With the big bang?  At the end of the Universe?  When spacetime rips?

The big bang happened and energy started converting into matter and spacetime started to expand. Was the dark matter here first, or did it come out of the big bang.  Or is the dark matter travelling backwards in time and could it be coming from the end of time – the big crunch, the big rip, or perhaps the big freeze?

What about dark matter inhabiting lower life forms?  

What about dark matter inhabiting inanimate objects?

What about new diseases, plagues, etc. that have just newly evolved and threaten huge numbers of people.  Could this be started in the dark matter universe or carried by the dark matter and somehow transferred to the visible universe.

Dreisch said that there was an unseen guiding force in the universe that he termed entelechy (The Matter Myth).

What came first, life or dark matter?  After the big bang, the universe started expanding.  It is now expanding faster.  This faster expansion is what lead scientists to theorize about dark matter.  The faster expansion started about 7 billion years ago.  This is because Life creates dark matter and gives it off when it dies and it affects the universe by expanding it.  The more life there is, the more dark matter there is and the faster the universe will expand.  Life in the universe began soon after the first second generation stars formed.  After about 6 billion years, there was enough life and therefore dark matter that it started to expand the universe faster than it was expanding without life. 

Throughout the history of life (on Earth anyway) there have been many cases of jumps in evolution.  It is possible that maybe we haven’t found the missing pieces for a more gradual evolution because they aren’t there.  It is also possible that maybe evolution was helped.  Maybe the dark matter life forms have guided life to evolve in order to have a higher form of life to inhabit?  

The chain of human evolution is not smooth, there are some pretty big jumps between Neanderthal and Homo Habilis and Homo erectus and Homo Sapien.  It is possible that they are doing this with humans also.  

Let me sum it up for you.  Light.  The speed of light.  Can we?  And is it? 

Placebo effect.  Is it possible to trick our dark matter bodies?  If our brains believes something, does it effect our dark matter bodies and in some cases our dark matter bodies might even be able to cure some things that have been labeled incurable.


Junk DNA.

Could the dark matter bodies somehow be able to influence which genes get “switched on” or “off”?  Could they just naturally “gravitate” towards higher life forms of greater intelligence?   Or do they choose to go towards intelligence, or maybe experiment by maybe going towards other life forms.

Some religions that believe in reincarnation talk about the soul reincarnating in different life forms depending on how they did in this life.

Our bodies have evolved from the dark matter body’s needs.  

Our brains regularly misinterpret communication from our dark matter body.

Our dark matter bodies can take over what is normally a shared brain under extreme circumstances.  Lifting a car to save someone trapped underneath it, withstanding extreme conditions which many would consider deadly.  Many of these experiences aren’t even remembered, and when they are, most of the time the people involved recall a feeling of not being in control of their own bodies.  Maybe they weren’t.  

Drake equation =     X This is the number of intelligent lifeforms in the known universe. If the known universe is only 5% compared to 95% dark matter, then the drake equation needs to be revised to account for all the life in the dark matter universe.

Shared conciousness or hive mind experiments have shown communication over great distances.  Could this be dark matter transferrence?  Shared thoughts.  Thinking the same thing at the same time.  Heightened awareness.  Telepathy.  Group sightings.  Mass hallucinations.  Shared visions.  Shared dreams.   

Schrodinger’s Cat – every observation creates at least one other universe where another outcome was observed.  What if the multiplying of universes is responsible for expanding our own.  Our universe is expanding and scientists have given that energy that causes the expansion a name – Dark energy.  We have now been able to image this around galaxies.  Maybe the expansion and galaxy halos are caused by observations which in turn are causing multiplying universes which are in turn causing dark matter/dark energy.  What if the observations which are creating alternate universes could be coordinated to slow down, speed up, change in other ways – more positive, more life filled, more intelligent, more peaceful, more exciting, differing laws of physics, one-being universes… This obviously is an infinitely long list. Is life responsible for the expansion of the universe through more and more observations across the multiverse of universes that is expanding exponentially.  Is this dangerous?  Can it be stopped?  Should it be sped up?

Imagine all the universes that have piled up all around us over the years.  The more observations being made in any particular galaxy the more universes are being built up there – the greater the observational halo.  This could be the way to determine how much life is out there in other galaxies/stars/planets.

Every decision leads to a separate universe – you create your own universe by making choices.  Every choice leads to different observations which creates a new universe.  Multiplying of universes should be measurable in some way, if not by halo around galaxies/expanding universe, then some other way.  

In everyday life we all make decisions that lead to different outcomes which leads to alternate universes.  Imagine all of the other decisions others are making and incredible inventions that must be in those almost infinite number of universes that is multiplying at an exponential rate.  Maybe in some or many of them, they’ve invented ways to cross over into other universes.  If they showed up here, what might they look like – ufos, aliens, ghosts, angels, spheres, lights… infinite possibilities.

ufos (different kinds of ufos from different universes, all or most or many or some are from Earth, just not our Earth in this universe)

ufos / aliens – different paths of evolution. Different branches of universal evolution produce different fruit.  

Big bang / expansion period – something happened in another universe – a decision/observation that created this one.  Maybe a lot of observations – concentrated observation to cause rapid expansion.    Less oservation = less expansion?  To the point of collapse.  More oservations = more universes = expansion > gravity 

rapid expansion could have been all the possibilities building up without any observations to create reality.  So all these possibilities are building up – and then there was an observation and all of the possibilities that had been building up were converted into reality by an observation.

Laws of physics are different on the very small scale (quantum) than on a larger scale (macro).  Laws of physics were different during the rapid expansion after the big bang than they are now.  Laws of physics are different in a black hole than they are outside of one.  So laws of physics change with size, location, and time.  Do our laws of physics change anywhere else that we know of?  So just in our observable universe, in the past 100 years, we have not only developed some of our laws of physics, but we have found exceptions to some of those laws.

Here is an article that explains how some people become convinced that there are invisible terrestrial entities living all around us and how to make contact.

Here is an article about how to take pictures of invisible terrestrial entities. . Here is the scientific paper that was published in the American Journal of Modern Physics that the previous article is based on .

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