Bird Box Review

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s, A Ribbon in the Sky? No, it’s definitely not a Stevie Wonder hit song, but there just may be something in the sky. A new Netflix Original movie, Bird Box, has been the newest viral sensation that has been trending on just about any social media outlet you can think of.

But what exactly makes this movie so amazing in the eyes of most? Well, for starters its leading actress is THE Sandra Bullock. Though she’s played in many movies during her time as a big-time actress, millennials are just now finding out about who she is. On Twitter, you can see her being referred to as “the lady from birdbox.” Some are even digging up old photos of young Sandra and saying she was definitely and still is “hot”.

But what exactly is this movie? In a short summary, this movie is pretty much about the end of the world. Just like any other apocalyptic, world ending film, this one starts with everyone up in a frenzy, trying to flee the world’s current plague. In this movie, this is, well…no one really knows, but if you look at it you die.

This is where the blindfolds come in. As long as you don’t look at it you’re fine. But exactly how many end-of-the-world movies have there been exactly? Too many to count. To be completely honest, this is just another one of those movies. If it had not been for Sandra Bullock being the leading actress no one would even think twice about watching this movie. It’s not truly until the end where this movie gets the least bit exciting.  

I am truly questioning why people are so infatuated what this film. Is it because it shows the struggles every single mother trying to raise for her kids? Is it because it shows people from all different walks of life struggling with the same struggle? Or is this movie just a foreshadow of what is actually going on in the world right now.

We are all told to act and look a certain way and if you don’t you are ridiculed for not doing or looking how society demands you to be. So is this movie just a mirror of what’s actually going on right now? I’m not sure that anyone truly knows, but I will say that this movie is a solid 6/10.

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